LRP Beach Day 2016

Bill Ed Glen DaveThis will be our second annual fellowship cookout in the heart of New Hampshire’s most beautiful region.  Join the Lakes Region Porcupines and enjoy a day of fun at Ahern State Park in Laconia. There are plenty of hiking trails, two sandy beaches and plenty of space for your little ones and your doggies. There are no fees for the park or parking.

This event is our annual charity fund-raiser for the Center Harbor Food Pantry.  Ed setting upFor a $20 donation, you are giving  the food pantry a way of feeding needy families from all over the lakes region. With that donation you’ll get yourself a fat burger, hotdog, chips and a drink.  You’ll also get to taste Representative Glen Aldrich’s World Famous Potato Salad, which is worth the price of admission in itself.  If you have kids no worries, they’re eating for free.  We welcome dietary changes, and can work to accommodate you, just contact us.  If you prefer to bring your own food, we simply ask that you provide the suggested donation of $10 so we can help out the Center Harbor Food Pantry.

Bubble BabyWe know the PorcFest hangover takes about a month.  LRP Beach Day is just in time to reunite with those awesome people you met in June and have a day of swimming and hiking with new friends as well.

Tickets are $20, when you sign up through Eventbrite, for a donation and food, $10 for admission and donation or if you can’t make it and want to help anyways there’s an option for that too.  We accept Paypal and Bitcoin as well, just get in touch with Tony at
If you purchase at the door, we bump it up to $25.  Save yourself $5 and commit now to a great day of liberty fellowship!

Saturday, July 23, 2016 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM (EDT)
Ahern State Park – Right Way Path Route 106, Laconia , NH 03246

Summer Jury Outreach

Jury Information“If the jury feels that the law under which the defendant is accused is unjust … or for any reason which appeals to their logic or passion, the jury has the power to acquit, and the courts must abide by that decision.”

A new jury pool will be starting their service on July 5. What better time than the day after Independence Day to inform these new jurors of their rights.

We will greet them at the Belknap Superior Court in Laconia at 8:30 with a nice pamphlet loaded with information that the court will not provide to them.

The jury pool is scheduled to return on July 18 at 9:30, and August 1 at 9:30. We will start a half hour before the jurors are scheduled to arrive. At times the jury is dismissed from the secondary dated in the event that trials are postponed. Call the court (1-855-212-1234) to check on the status prior to coming out on July 18 and August 1.

Jury duty dates and times.


May Activities

Spring is here (for real) and it’s time to hit the street. We’ll be doing our second litter pickup, on Sunday the 15th of May. We will start with breakfast at Shooter’s Tavern at 8:00 then hit the road. This will be a pretty quick clean up as we got things looking good last month.

JuryInformationsmallOn Monday May 16 at 8:30 a few of us will be at the Belknap Superior Court to hand out information to jurors. Real crimes have real victims. Unfortunately we have many statutes on the books which prohibit people from mutually consensual activities. In these cases jurors should know they are within their rights to vote their conscience.

Remember that the following Saturday, May 21, is our monthly meeting.  As always, if you’re looking for all things liberty related in New Hampshire check out this calendar.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and it’s time to hit the street. We’ll be doing our first litter pickup, on Sunday the 10th. We will start with breakfast at Shooter’s Tavern at 8:00 then hit the road. We are usually done within a couple of hours.

Remember that the following Saturday, April 16, is our monthly meeting and LibertySpot 2016! As always, if you’re looking for all things liberty related in New Hampshire check out this calendar.

LibertySpot 2016

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to invite the entire NH liberty movement to Funspot – the largest arcade in the world – and play video games, indoor mini golf, bowl, darts, pool, bingo, drink, eat and have fun for hours? It was a blast! LibertySpot 2015 was a great success, and we’re doing it again.

Mark your calendar April 16, 2016! We’ll start with our regular Lakes Region Porcupines meeting at the New Hong Kong Buffet at noon and then move on to Funspot from 2:00 until 11:45!

It turns out, the founder/owner of Funspot, 85-year old Bob Lawton, is a big fan of liberty and his favorite book is Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged! When Funspot turned on their new digital sign in the 1980’s, the first message Bob put on it was “Who is John Galt?” Did you know Bob was the State Rep who sponsored the bill to put “Live Free or Die” on our license plates?

To make this day even more epic, everybody’s encouraged to wear their favorite liberty gear! Wear an FSP tshirt, an NHLA polo, a Mises bracelet, a Ron Paul hat, a gun rights tshirt, whatever you want! You’ll be surrounded by fans of liberty!

Bingo starts at 6:45pm in the building next door to Funspot. The D.A. Long Tavern, the bar inside Funspot, opens at 1pm on Saturday (only ages 21 and up can enter the Tavern and drinks must stay in the Tavern).

With a big space and lots going on, let’s gather out at the marquee for a group photo hourly from 3:00 to 6:00. Which do you prefer, ‘Who is John Galt?’, or ‘A government big enough to give you everything you want…’?

Come out and have fun with other NH liberty activists! Join and share our event! See ya there!

Thank you Vince Perfetto (101 Reasons Film) for creating a great day and getting the ball rolling in 2015!

Statehouse Activism

Do you want to hold signs for liberty candidates?
Do you want to put out flyers for liberty candidates?
Do you want to vote for marijuana the year decrim finally passes?
Do you want to fill a seat that would otherwise be occupied by an anti-liberty rep?
Do you want to limit government’s influence in your life with the simple push of a button?
Do you want to be a wrench in the works?

If left unfettered, government will always expand, consuming your liberties bit by bit. Are you ready to play a part? …Are you ready to TAKE ACTION?

This is where the revolution begins.

There’s a free lunch, too!

Attend our candidate/campaign Q&A session on Sunday, February 28th, in Meredith at the Grange Hall. If you’d like to learn more about running or volunteering, this is your opportunity to get your questions answered and meet others who are participating in various capacities.

This class is non-partisan; all activists and supporters are welcome.

Sunday February 28th
12:00pm – 2:00pm
Location: Grange Hall, 150 Meredith Center Road, Meredith

– Rep. Mike Sylvia (R)
– Rep. Amanda Bouldin (D)
– Hon. Mark Warden, two-time winner “NHLA Legislator of the Year”
– Merav Yaakov, Chair of Get Involved PAC

– Why running for office is the most effective way to restore freedom in our lifetime
– What do I need to do to run for State Rep.?
– What kind of support will I receive?
– What can I do now to prepare?
And more.

The meeting is for:
– Freedom loving people who are thinking about running for office (either party)
– People who want to help candidates

Know someone from the freedom movement who may be interested? Invite them!

FREE LUNCH! **by Gail!
…Even if you are undecided regarding future participation, please come and eat!

For more information call Merav @ 935-8689 or Mark @ 391-2888

Funspot Friday

Fun and games!We are rounding up folks for some fun and information. Friday February 26 at 6:00 p.m. drop by Funspot to join in. Bring the kids for the fun and games. Bring your smartphone and get connected with the CELL 411 app. Be dazzled at the newest and best peer to peer emergency contact app! We can scan each other’s phones and add them to your cell. We can set up different cells. We can test it out.

Meet up near the indoor mini-golf area upstairs and if you wander in a little later you might find us downstairs in the bowling alley.


It’s always beautiful in the lakes region but fall is rather colorful. It seems like you can get a calendar shot from anywhere you go in the area these days. These pictures are from Wolfeboro on October 26 shot with a simple ‘point and shoot’ camera.

Our November meeting will be on the 21st.

We will be assisting Shire Sharing to deliver Thanksgiving meals on Sunday the 22nd. Send them a donation if you can or join us to help with deliveries.

Lastly, a note for those who want to stay in touch without Facebooking, we have a group on Yahoo for e-mail communications:

September Meeting and Litter Pickup

Looking at the calendar, our monthly meeting falls on the 19th; same time, same place. Speaking of calendars, if you’re looking for all things liberty related in New Hampshire check out this calendar.

We’ll be doing our final litter pickup, before winter comes rolling in, on Sunday the 27th. We will start with breakfast at Shooter’s Tavern at 8:00 then hit the road. We are usually done within a couple of hours.

I’ve added a widget on the right with a feed from the NH Underground forum. If it is set as I tried to do it, it will show posts to the Lakes Region board of the forum. What do you think?

August Activities

It’s been a great and busy summer here in the lakes region of New Hampshire. Our regular monthly meeting is coming up on Saturday Aug. 15, at noon. Join us for lunch and conversation at the New Hong Kong Buffet in Belmont.

EdDonCathleenThen on Sunday Aug. 23, we will be doing our litter pickup along Rt. 3 in Belmont. We will start with breakfast at Shooter’s Tavern at 8:00 then hit the road. We are usually done within a couple of hours. Don’t forget the hat and sunscreen!