The Lakes Region Porcupines is a group of individuals focused on achieving and maintaining liberty in our chosen home around lake Winnipesaukee. We adopted the porcupine as our mascot for its peaceful nature with strong defences.

If you have that ‘Live Free Or Die’ spirit within you, you’re welcome to join us!

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  1. We hope that more people like you will join forces with us to help keep NH free.

    Two women, strong Ron Paul supporters (one is a
    Freestater) started the NHTPC in 2008 to bring all like minded together and combat the neocon and GOP forces trying to co-opt.

    We are based on the original tea party started by Ron Paul supporters in 2007.

    There is a Lakes Region Tea Party group that is very active and they have been helping us defend NH against the federal intrusion and loss of local control that comes with regionalism.

    Right now we have working groups focusing on education, gun rights, voter fraud, regionalism, and right to know laws.

    We have had many successes!

    Hope we can add you to our list!

    PS – our motto is NOT “Taxed Enough Already”. It is instead and always has been “End the Fed”!

  2. Would like to join your group. I currently live in Idaho. Still own property in the Lakes Region. My family has been in NH since 1648.


  3. Just moved to Laconia. Would like to join the group as well. Are you still meeting each month? Please email me.


  4. Please send me membership information. I was recently elected to the NH House from Belknap District 2- Gilford & Meredith as one of the 4 conservative Republicans/Libertarians from the District.

  5. Hello! We are recent FSP transplants to the Lakes Region. It’s a lot more liberal in our neck of the *literal* woods than I was anticipating. We’d love to make some conservative/FSP friends.

  6. Looking to move at end of summer. How easy is it to build there? Could I get permits approvals and a house weather tight before snow flied?

    1. Hi Jesse,
      Where are you coming from, where are you looking to build? Snow generally doesn’t get serious until after Christmas.

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