Beach Day News

7 July 2022

Hello LRP-ers,

Two things.

Well, the response to my Beach Survey has been overwhelming. Four people.

The message I got is that there is not enough interest in Beach Day this year to justify the work o=t would take to set up everything. Maybe next year.

So, no Beach Day on July 16th. Instead we’ll do our regular meetup.

Regarding our meet-up, Deb & I scoped out Hong Kong Buffet last Saturday. It was adequate. I asked about using the back room and that appears to be OK. (She remembered that some of us had side arms!)

Thus, starting on July 16th, we’ll go back to meeting at the Hong Kong Buffet in Belmont, in the side room, starting at noon.

That’s all for now.

As always, I’m open to feedback.