January’s Meet-Up

🎼Here we go again,
Lookin’ for a place to have our monthly meet-up.
(Apologies to Dolly Parton.)

Daniel Guzman reached out to Mike Sylvia with this suggestion for our monthly meet-up: El Tequila Mexican Restaurant in Gilford. It in the Walmart plaza at 1458 Lakeshore Drive.

Dan spoke to someone there about our group and was informed that they have a side space for us to meet. There is room for more than 20 people in this space with tables and chairs as well as booths.

It seems quieter than Shooter’s (sorry to be selfish), they have reasonably priced lunch specials. The menu is on their Facebook page (below). Oh, lest I forget, they have Coca Cola products! Molly and I ate lunch there today. We enjoyed our meals.


And so, this month’s meet-up is Saturday, January 21st from 12:00 – when we’re done.

As always, I welcome / encourage / request / beg for feedback.


Future Monthly Meet-ups

Guess who?

(Who peeked?)

Alrighty, while there were some bumps in the road for our foray at Ellacoya Barn & Grill (e.g., not enough space for us and it looks like Glen & Tony left), I thought that it had potential.

Well, it doesn’t.

The manager, Michele, checked with the owner. He is unwilling to make reservations without real numbers every time.

I was unable to find another place who would let us wing it.

It seems unfair to keeping switching month to month.

I got negative comments about the cost of the food at Patrick’s

So, with the power vested in me by my cat (he swears that it’s legit), we will be moving back to [loud] Shooter’s in Belmont.

Hopefully, the ability for people to come and go as they please will outweigh the negatives (e.g., the noise).

Next meet-up will be Saturday, December 17th at noon.

In liberty,


Monthly meet-up suggestion

Hello again, Porcupines,

Continuing our search for a new meet-up destination, someone suggested the Ellacoya Barn and Grill in Gilford. ( https://www.barnandgrille.com )

I spoke with the manager, Michele, and explained that we typically get between 10 and 20 folks. While she [obviously] would prefer to know the exact number, we never know who will show up.

If enough people want to try it, I will arrange it for the 19th.

Lemme know.


Monthly meet-up Issue

Hello Porcupines.

Well, our victory was short-lived—metaphorically speaking.

The New Hong Kong Buffet is closed and the space is posted for lease.


Back to Shooter’s?

Try T-Bones?

Try Patrick’s again (I recall that folks thought that it was pricey.)

Lemme know what you think. The 3rd Saturday will be here before we know it.


Fun gathering at Funspot in Laconia

Sunday, October 9–Fun gathering at Funspot in Laconia.  Here are the details: Sun, October 9, 12pm – 3pm
WhereFunspot, 579 Endicott St N, Laconia, NH 03246, USA (map)
DescriptionCome join The Liberty Folks for a few fun hours at Funspot. Funspot is called the largest arcade in the world. Plenty of games for the kids, and the adults can sit around and eat and gab about liberty, politics, philosophy, or whatever they want. We will be at the picnic tables upstairs near the bowling alley. We don’t have horns and we are a friendly bunch!

Liberty Hike on Lonesome Lake Trail

Saturday, October 8–Liberty Hike on Lonesome Lake Trail.  Lonesome Lake Trail is a steady incline hike, but worth it to see the beautiful Lonesome Lake. This is a 3.1-mile loop trail in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire.Views of the Franconia Ridge can be seen on the way to the lake and most of the way is shaded. You will cross several small tributaries of the Pemigewasset River and then start to approach the first of three long switchbacks. Along the lake, the trail is grassy and easy-going. At the lake is the AMC Lonesome Lake Hut. There are also snacks to purchase and restrooms for public use. Hike will begin at 10:00AM. Please try to arrive at the Lafayette Place Campground/Lonesome Lake Trailhead parking lot 10 minutes prior to start time. Hike will be led by Derek Proulx: (603)965-6015 derek.proulx1815@gmail.com.

Another meet-up





Greeting LRP-ers,

Sorry about the short notice.

Dennis Pratt is running a Fall Foliage in the Mountains this Friday, Sept 23, and he would like his guests to be able to chat with some of our Lakes Regions Porcupine.

It was supposed to get onto the FSP calendar. The best plans of mice and men, etc..

To that end, they will be dining (early) at our usual meet-up spot, the Hong Kong Buffet in Belmont at 5:00 PM. (Yes, I know, we just met 2 days ago.)

If you can make it, I’m sure that Dennis will be glad that you did.


Beach Day News

7 July 2022

Hello LRP-ers,

Two things.

Well, the response to my Beach Survey has been overwhelming. Four people.

The message I got is that there is not enough interest in Beach Day this year to justify the work o=t would take to set up everything. Maybe next year.

So, no Beach Day on July 16th. Instead we’ll do our regular meetup.

Regarding our meet-up, Deb & I scoped out Hong Kong Buffet last Saturday. It was adequate. I asked about using the back room and that appears to be OK. (She remembered that some of us had side arms!)

Thus, starting on July 16th, we’ll go back to meeting at the Hong Kong Buffet in Belmont, in the side room, starting at noon.

That’s all for now.

As always, I’m open to feedback.


Beach Day survey

Hello LRP-ers,

This survey is about getting our Beach Day back on the calendar. I see this as another post-COVID social gathering instead of a fund-raiser for another group. I would like to get as many thoughts as reasonable.

Should we have a Beach Day this year? (Y or N)
2) If no, why? (In a few words)
3) If yes, what do you think about July? (Y or N)
4) If, yes, would you rather the 23rd or the 16th*? (23 or 16)
(* our usual monthly meet-up day)
5) Would you prefer Opechee or Ahern? (Opechee or Ahern)
Note: The road to Ahern was chained off.
Note: As of today (6/30) Opechee has a cyanobacteria warning.
6) Funding: Our bank balance is almost $900. Could we use some of those funds for food and supplies? (Y or N)
7) Funding: Should we request $5 / person to help recoup our expenses? (Y or N)
8) Would you be attending? (Y or N)

Thanks for reading this far. I look forward to your replies.


Litter Pick Up

Are you ready for our next litter pick up?

Sunday, July 3rd.

We’ll meet at 8:00 AM for breakfast at Deja Vu Cafe (311 Court St, Laconia) if you wish.

If you just want to pick up litter, we’ll meet at 9:00 AM behind Shooter’s Tavern (190 DW Hwy, Belmont)and get pickin’. I’ll have vests and bags.

Bring gloves and a reacher if you have one.

See you there!