June Meeting

Room to left of enteranceIt’s just a little early for PorcFest, and Bike Week is blasting by. Saturday, June 19th is our monthly meeting. It will be in Belmont at Shooter’s at noon.  We tend to gather in the room on the left. Stop by for lunch with your liberty loving neighbors.  Our meetings are very casual and all those who share the ideals of freedom and personal responsibility are welcome.


If you’re looking for a lot more liberty connections in New Hampshire check out this calendar at the Free State Project.  You’ll notice a new regular addition scheduled for the forth Saturday of the month at Funspot running from 12-2 pm.


Have you bailed out of Facebook?  You can stay in touch here; subscribe to our RSS feed and you’ll get updates as they happen.  We also have a group on MEWE (you need to be logged in).  Do you have an alternative social media site that we should check out? Of course, commenting here is the most direct!