Monthly meet-up suggestion

Hello again, Porcupines,

Continuing our search for a new meet-up destination, someone suggested the Ellacoya Barn and Grill in Gilford. ( )

I spoke with the manager, Michele, and explained that we typically get between 10 and 20 folks. While she [obviously] would prefer to know the exact number, we never know who will show up.

If enough people want to try it, I will arrange it for the 19th.

Lemme know.


One thought on “Monthly meet-up suggestion”

  1. Good morning Rick!

    My girlfriend and I moved up to Laconia in July and I’ve been following this page since we moved up. I’ve been a FSP signer since 2012, have attended less than a handful FSP events in NH, and been to every Porcfest since 2010. Thank you for your continued event planning even though it seems that you get minimal responses back…so here you go here’s a response! Lol! Next Saturday I have some company coming up from Rhode Island to visit but if there is a meet up in December I am most definitely interested. It could conflict with my schedule because I bartend in Meredith dinner only. Hopefully the Ellacoya Restaurant is accommodating and I look forward to meeting up with other fellow Porcupines in the near future!

    Thank you for your continued work,
    Josh Oakes

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