Laconia Rep. Hout Wants Your AR-15

The Laconia Daily Sun reports on February 24, 2018:

State Rep. David Huot, D-Laconia, who was a judge for 33 years, said that, if re-elected, he will introduce a bill that would ban the sale or transfer of AR-15 rifles.

“My view about these things is you deal with the immediate issue,” he said. “All the mass murders that you have are with AR-15s, so I guess that’s what you try to attack.

“The objective would be to tamp this thing down a bit. I don’t want to take anybody’s gun away.”

Rep. Hout doesn’t want to ‘take’ anybody’s gun, but he does want to keep you from buying or selling an AR-15.  Having been a judge Rep. Hout should be familiar with the term ‘taking’.

Many types of government action infringe on private property rights. Accordingly, the Fifth Amendment’s compensation requirement is not limited to government seizures of real property. Instead, it extends to all kinds of tangible and intangible property, including but not limited to easements, personal property, contract rights, and trade secrets.

To put it very simply, if you can not sell your AR-15, its value has been greatly diminished.  Rep. Hout swore an oath to the Constitution and his proposal is a direct violation of his oath.

Perhaps the people of Laconia will make sure that Rep. Hout is not re-elected so they can be certain that he will not be coming for their guns.

You can't hide your intentions Rep. Hout.
You can’t hide your intentions Rep. Hout.


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  1. Exhibit A – Mr. Huot’s mouth can dangerously rapid fire from both sides at once.

    Exhibit B – Mr. Huot’s head is shaped like a bullet. Clearly it is a hollow point.

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