Beach Day survey

Hello LRP-ers,

This survey is about getting our Beach Day back on the calendar. I see this as another post-COVID social gathering instead of a fund-raiser for another group. I would like to get as many thoughts as reasonable.

Should we have a Beach Day this year? (Y or N)
2) If no, why? (In a few words)
3) If yes, what do you think about July? (Y or N)
4) If, yes, would you rather the 23rd or the 16th*? (23 or 16)
(* our usual monthly meet-up day)
5) Would you prefer Opechee or Ahern? (Opechee or Ahern)
Note: The road to Ahern was chained off.
Note: As of today (6/30) Opechee has a cyanobacteria warning.
6) Funding: Our bank balance is almost $900. Could we use some of those funds for food and supplies? (Y or N)
7) Funding: Should we request $5 / person to help recoup our expenses? (Y or N)
8) Would you be attending? (Y or N)

Thanks for reading this far. I look forward to your replies.