Jury Information Flyers

NH Constitution from Jury Information flyer.
NH Constitution from Jury Information flyer.

Belknap County Superior Court will assemble a new jury pool on October 30, 2017.  We’ll be there to distribute some helpful information on the juror’s rights.  We’ll be handing out flyers starting at 8:30.

We’ve been out regularly, every other week for each pool, for longer than I can recall. We need to restock on flyers. If you’d like to contribute to the effort we’ll be happy to accept a small donation. Bitcoin let’s you send funds with a minor transaction fee. Well that was the idea of Bitcoin. Now SegWit bitcoin cost $2-3 in fees, screw that.

bitcoin_cash-logo-643756With Bitcoin Cash your transaction fee is less than a dime!


Thank you for your support!

Few Reasons To Leave The Lakes Region

Let’s face it, we have all we need here in the lakes region. On Saturday, Oct 14th a few of us will take a short trip down to Manchester to support a very worthy cause.

Tammy Simmons is running for the board of aldermen in Manchester. I’m not a big fan of politics; for those that step up it’s a grind. If you are fortunate enough to have avoided the action on the inside, you have missed the reason you should support Tammy. You have missed seeing Tammy deliver the message of liberty to rooms full of statist; clearly, boldly, and passionately saying that which you scream at your news feed. You may be heard by your family and friends; Tammy pushes the message to those who would rather not hear the truth.

Please consider joining us for a few hours, I promise your investment of your valuable time will be well spent. Tammy is willing to do the hard work that comes after the election. The return on your investment is the delivery of the liberty message inside city hall. If you can’t make it Saturday, please share and look for other opportunities to help.

If you can make it, register at Ward 10 Door Knocking, or shoot an e-mail to electtammysimmons@gmail.com