Happy Independence Day

ReOpen Rally

For those interested there will be an Independence Day rally in Concord. From noon to 2:00 join ReOpenNH at the statehouse.

Litter Pick-up

We will be doing our next litter pick-up on Sunday July 12th.

If you want to start with breakfast, join us at Cafe Deja Vu at 8:00 a.m.

If you just want to join for the litter pick-up, we’ll gather at the parking lot at Shooters around 9:00 and then hit the street.

January Jury Outreach

Our next jury outreach is Monday, January 6 at 8:30.

We’ve been out regularly, every other week for each pool, for longer than I can recall. If you’d like to contribute to the effort we’ll be happy to accept a small donation.

bitcoin_cash-logo-643756With Bitcoin Cash your transaction fee is less than a penny!


Thank you for your support!

Meet the Candidates

One of our members from Northfield is expanding his outreach to invite all candidates for all offices in the area. We put out the call and have organized an event to get to know more of the locals. Therefore; Lakes Region Porcupines are pleased to host your local candidates for a meet & greet. Ask questions, enjoy refreshments, make connections. Hope to see you there!


Along with CD2 candidate Steve Negron (R) will be Justin O’Donnell (L), and gubernatorial candidate Jilletta Jarvis (L).

Thursday Oct. 18th from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Pines Community Center, Northfield.

August Litter Pick-up

It’s time!

MikeCurtEdGlenIt’s time to get in a clean-up before the Labor Day holiday. We’ll be doing our litter pick up on Sunday August 26. We will start with breakfast at Shooter’s Tavern at 8:00 then hit the road around 9:00 (if you want to skip breakfast you can sleep in) . We’ll be cleaning our stretch of Route 3 and making a pass through the Lake Winnisquam Scenic Trail. We are usually done within a couple of hours.

Later in the day

In the afternoon on the 26th there will be a lit drop in Gilford and Meredith to support the ‘Frugal Four’.  Glen and Rick have teamed up in the primary with a couple of great locals.  We’ll meet at the Gilford House of Pizza to get organized at 3:00 then hit the road.  All help is welcome, let us know you’re coming so we don’t miss you!

September Jury


We had a pretty normal day for the first time out for the jury pool, about 70 flyers were distributed.

Thank you

We received a nice contribution to the flyer fund though a Bitcoin (Cash) donation.  We appreciate the funds and good thoughts that come with it.  Thank you!

A fresh new pool

Here are the dates for the upcoming month:

  • Tuesday September 4 at 8:30
  • Monday September 17 at 8:30
  • Monday October 1 at 8:30

The potential jurors are scheduled for 9:00, we start 30 minutes early to be there to greet them.  You can look up the dates for Belknap County, Carroll County or Coos County.


We received two boxes of freshly printed flyers in time for our last assembly of the last jury pool.  If you’d like to participate you can join us, or if time is an issue, make a contribution to the printing of flyers.

Paypal to m_j_sylvia@yahoo.com

BitcoinCash: qp7f48aa70uth5x8jpnwz7z9ct83dpvnv5vd7m3wf4

Thank you for your support.