Happy Independence Day

ReOpen Rally

For those interested there will be an Independence Day rally in Concord. From noon to 2:00 join ReOpenNH at the statehouse.

Litter Pick-up

We will be doing our next litter pick-up on Sunday July 12th.

If you want to start with breakfast, join us at Cafe Deja Vu at 8:00 a.m.

If you just want to join for the litter pick-up, we’ll gather at the parking lot at Shooters around 9:00 and then hit the street.

Monthly meet-up

Hong Kong Buffet is still not open for dining in (take out only), sooooooo
Mike Sylvia has suggested Shooters Tavern and they are open for indoor dining, so let’s give it a shot. His Excellency has allowed the fine establishment to seat 8 people to a group; please be sure to doff your cap toward Concord as you enter in reverence of His gracious provisions.
190 DW Highway, Belmont

February Meeting

dining roomFebruary 15th is our monthly meeting.   We meet in Belmont at the New Hong Kong Buffet.  We gather in the large room on the left near the buffet. Stop by for lunch with your liberty loving neighbors.  Our meetings are very casual and all those who share the ideals of freedom and personal responsibility are welcome.


The presidential cirrus is leaving town, it’s our turn to focus on New Hampshire where we can actually have an effect. It’s time to line up candidates to run for state representative seats. Let’s be sure that those who run are going to support liberty. Check your friends list for possible candidates. Training sessions will be coming soon.


If you’re looking for a lot more liberty connections in New Hampshire check out this calendar at the Free State Project.


LLL – Liberty Lunch in Laconia; with several folks living and working in Laconia, we’ve had a few lunches on the fly.  We general make arrangements via text messaging.  If you’d like to get into the text group, shoot me an email mike@lakesregionporcupines.com or drop a comment below.


Have you bailed out of Facebook?  You can stay in touch here; subscribe to our RSS feed and you’ll get updates as they happen.  We also have a group on MEWE (you need to be logged in).  Do you have an alternative social media site that we should check out? Of course, commenting here is the most direct!

Trade with privacy

Bitcoin BCH can be found at most of our meetings. Trade locally, join Local Bitcoin.

January Jury Outreach

Our next jury outreach is Monday, January 6 at 8:30.

We’ve been out regularly, every other week for each pool, for longer than I can recall. If you’d like to contribute to the effort we’ll be happy to accept a small donation.

bitcoin_cash-logo-643756With Bitcoin Cash your transaction fee is less than a penny!


Thank you for your support!