Year End Gathering

UPDATE: Sunday January 1, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. We’re getting a head count so comment below to let us know that you’re coming and the number of seats!

We have been busy with the hugely successful LRP Toy Drive and getting ready for Christmas and you may have noticed the New Hong Kong was closed for our regular monthly (we jumped over to Dunkin so there was a limited meeting). We’d like to gather the tribe for a year end holiday celebration at Frattelo’s in Laconia and are working out the date:

You can vote in the comments, I promise to check regularly :)
You can vote in the comments, I promise to check regularly 🙂

Check back here or the FakeBook to see what we come up with.



November Meeting

our meeting placeNovember 19 is our monthly meeting.  As always, if you’re looking for all things liberty related in New Hampshire check out this calendar.

We will get an update on the Lakes Region Porcupines Toy Drive .

Remember that Shire Sharing is also busy this weekend assembling and delivering Thanksgiving dinners around the state.

Meet the Candidates

One of our member from Northfield requested some information on Republican candidates in the area. We put out the call and have organized an event to get to know more of the locals. Therefore; Lakes Region Porcupines are pleased to host your local Republican candidates for a meet & greet. Ask questions, enjoy refreshments, make connections. Hope to see you there!

Monday Oct. 24th from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at 5 Park Street, Northfield.

The Juror

My friend, John Connell, was alway quick to distinguish the difference between a jury and a juror. A jury being the group which had the power to acquit the person falsely accused of a crime, the juror as an individual with the power to stand upon his or her conscience could bring a mistrial.

The juror has a conscience, the jury can only have a consensus. These are very different things and our right to conscience is protected in our New Hampshire Constitution:

NH Constitution from Jury Information flyer.
NH Constitution from Jury Information flyer.

I often stand outside the Belknap Superior Court to hand out flyers with the above quotation from the NH Constitution printed mildly on the back. I find it unfortunate that I feel the need to deliver this information to potential jurors. In a perfect world the juror would have received this critical civics lesson as part of their education long before they were called to jury duty. In a better yet still imperfect world, one might hope that the information I distribute would be included in the court’s orientation given to the juror.

As a New Hampshire State Representative serving on the judiciary committee, I can assure you the Court is absolutely opposed to having jurors know their rights. They have built an efficient system for processing those accused; offering plea deals and shielding jurors from the complexity of statutory language. I have heard a quip, ‘due process has become do process’. The courts now ‘do process’ in order to get results, instead of giving due process in order to get justice.

Mike at Belknap Superior Court
Mike at Belknap Superior Court

On this cool September morning as I handed information out reinforcing the rights which are protected by our Constitution. I watched with bitter irony as those good citizens walked up the stairs to the courthouse to stand in line to be searched before being allowed to enter their building.

As if it were not bad enough that our justice system is bent on ‘doing process’ with uninformed jurors, they deliver one more message before you may enter into service of the government; you have no right to be free from search, you can not be trusted, you will do as you are instructed. This all seems to stand as a barrier to the person of conscience. It is little wonder that those accused will accept a plea deal as opposed to facing a jury which has made it through the processing. Peers?

Note: While the judicial system has lost sight of its primary mission, there are good people in the court. This is also highlighted in the flyers I distribute which includes a quotation from Belknap Superior Court Judge James O’Neill. O'Neill quote

Lake Winnisquam Scenic Trail

A few photos starting from Leslie Roberts Beach end heading south toward Osborn’s Agway.

WOW – It’s A Trail

It’s a brand new section of trail in Belmont which runs from Osborn’s Agway to the Route 3 By-pass. There is an Opening Celebration on September 17, which happens to be the day of our meeting. Come join us at 10:00 for the opening and meet some of the dedicated locals who have been working on getting the trail built.

We (me and anyone who wants to join in) have offered to extend our litter pickup to make a pass along the trail. Look for an opportunity to go through prior to opening day. Drop a comment if there is a convenient date for you.

Lake Winnisquam Trail Opening Flyer

And remember our regular monthly meeting is at noon at the New Hong Kong Buffet just off Rt. 3.

September Jury Outreach

Jury Information“If the jury feels that the law under which the defendant is accused is unjust … or for any reason which appeals to their logic or passion, the jury has the power to acquit, and the courts must abide by that decision.”

A new jury pool will be starting their service on September 12. The day before the primary elections is an appropriate time to inform these new jurors of their rights.

We will greet them at the Belknap Superior Court in Laconia at 8:30 with a nice pamphlet loaded with information that the court will not provide to them.

The jury pool is scheduled to return on September 26 at 9:30, and October 11 at 9:30. We will start a half hour before the jurors are scheduled to arrive. At times the jury is dismissed from the secondary dated in the event that trials are postponed. Call the court (1-855-212-1234) to check on the status prior to coming out on July 18 and August 1.

Jury duty dates and times.


July 5, 2016 Jurors Informed

A fresh new pool of jurors arrived at the Belknap Superior Court on Tuesday July 5th. About 70 received information that the court will not provide but is essential to serving as a juror.

Jurors with time to read some good information.
Jurors with time to read some good information.

A couple of interesting incidents occurred. One gentleman popped open the pamphlet to get an idea of what was inside, he knew what he was looking for and said, ‘oh yeah, I’ll be out soon; they won’t let me on a jury!’ I hope he gets to be foreman. Another older man was leaving as jurors were still arriving, so I asked him why he was leaving. He was dismissed from jury duty because he was over 70 years old. Hmmm, I know judges have a mandatory retirement at 70, I never knew there was a limit for a juror. Maybe we need this for the legislature also?

It was a nice day, only 2 people were not interested in taking a flyer. Well, 3 if I count attorney Sisti, but his hands were full. I should have gotten a picture of his ‘briefcases’, each one was the size of a file box.

We will be back out on July 18th at 9:00 to see if we missed anyone. I suppose a few may have called in their regrets for missing the first day.

LRP Beach Day 2016

Bill Ed Glen DaveThis will be our second annual fellowship cookout in the heart of New Hampshire’s most beautiful region.  Join the Lakes Region Porcupines and enjoy a day of fun at Ahern State Park in Laconia. There are plenty of hiking trails, two sandy beaches and plenty of space for your little ones and your doggies. There are no fees for the park or parking.

This event is our annual charity fund-raiser for the Center Harbor Food Pantry.  Ed setting upFor a $20 donation, you are giving  the food pantry a way of feeding needy families from all over the lakes region. With that donation you’ll get yourself a fat burger, hotdog, chips and a drink.  You’ll also get to taste Representative Glen Aldrich’s World Famous Potato Salad, which is worth the price of admission in itself.  If you have kids no worries, they’re eating for free.  We welcome dietary changes, and can work to accommodate you, just contact us.  If you prefer to bring your own food, we simply ask that you provide the suggested donation of $10 so we can help out the Center Harbor Food Pantry.

Bubble BabyWe know the PorcFest hangover takes about a month.  LRP Beach Day is just in time to reunite with those awesome people you met in June and have a day of swimming and hiking with new friends as well.

Tickets are $20, when you sign up through Eventbrite, for a donation and food, $10 for admission and donation or if you can’t make it and want to help anyways there’s an option for that too.  We accept Paypal and Bitcoin as well, just get in touch with Tony at
If you purchase at the door, we bump it up to $25.  Save yourself $5 and commit now to a great day of liberty fellowship!

Saturday, July 23, 2016 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM (EDT)
Ahern State Park – Right Way Path Route 106, Laconia , NH 03246