Fake News

It’s nothing new;

I will add, that the man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods & errors.

The Laconia Daily Sun reported on the county budget meeting.  If one takes the time to read the source documents they will find that the Sun seriously lacks credibility, their spin on the facts could provide material for The Onion.

Here are the real details:

Representative Sylvia’s proposed budget appropriates approximately $400,000 for spending in 2018 over the actual spending of 2017.  The reader should observe that the year end spending spree, approaching $150,000, reduced funds available to be returned to surplus.  Much of that spending paid for items included in the commissioners’ 2018 budget.

Sylvia’s budget trims $23,211 from the corrections department from their 2017 spending level.

The bloated nursing home budget was reduced by $399,817 from the 2017 spending level.

The sheriff’s department has an increase over 2017 spending by $55,374.

The county attorney receives and increase of $31,854.

The Sun rounded up the cut to county maintenance from $38,954 to $40,000, but who can blame them, we all like round numbers.

Speaking of round numbers, not reported by the Sun, Sylvia rounded up UNH Cooperative Extension to $153,000, B.C. Conservation District to $62,000 and Community Action Program to $48,000.

More fun to come next Monday Jan. 29 at the county complex in Laconia.

Dangerous Delay

The Belknap County delegation met on Monday Jan. 22 to work on the county budget for 2018.  The county operates on a calendar year, so beginning on January 1, the county has no appropriations.  While the county has long practiced a policy of continuing spending until a budget is finally set (generally in March), there is no authority in the statues which allow such a practice.  In fact, the statutes are very clear, with no appropriation the county commissioners can spend no funds from the county treasury.

At the meeting a vote was taken which unanimously rejected the commissioners’ $29 million budget proposal.  Another budget proposal, which would have set the budget level with 2017 spending, was also scrapped.

Rep. Sylvia had prepared a budget proposal to offer as a reasonable compromise.  His budget kept the property tax increase down to 11%, and allowed for a 1.5% increase in spending for county operations.

Rather than taking a serious look at a well formed budget, Rep. Hout of Laconia, preferred to deploy a stalling tactic, and moved to adjourn the meeting.  This irresponsible motion passed, and the delegation departed with no consideration of the lack of appropriations necessary to fund county operations.

This stalling adds another unnecessary meeting for which the taxpayers will shell out $600.  Further, the taxpayers face a serious possibility of being forced to pay the legal costs of defending the county commissioners for misappropriating county funds.

33 Percent Tax Increase

The Belknap County board of commissioners have proposed a budget for 2018 which will have a whopping 33% increase on your property taxes payable to the county.  Fortunately, the commissioners don’t have the power to make the appropriation.  The county delegation has that authority, and they will meet on Monday January 22, 2018 to discuss and possibly vote on the appropriation.

You can find your delegation member/s (your state representatives) at the delegation page on the county web site.  You can call or email to let them know how much more you would like to pay in your property tax bill.  If you rent, you still pay property tax through your landlord, so feel free to voice your opinion.

Belknap County

I’m sure the delegation would be happy to see you watching over them as they decide how much to raise your taxes.  The meeting is held at the county complex (next to the nursing home) at 34 County Drive, Laconia.  The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. so get there early to get a seat before the county employees fill the room.

Holster That Hogleg, Hombre.

Hello fellow (and fellowette) Porcs (and Porcettes).

I have been asked to provide some firearms-related posts, so this is the first of “Rick’s Gun Tips”. (I’m still working on a cute or an alliterative title.)

The chief reason that handguns or any guns) discharge a bullet is that the trigger has been activated. So, logically, the best way to prevent a negligent discharge is to prevent the trigger from being pressed until you are on target and ready to shoot.

While I realize that certain handguns were specifically designed for pocket carry (e.g., Colt 1903, S&W Bodyguard M-49), pockets can have items in them that can work their way in front of the trigger causing it to move rearward.

Additionally, pockets (and purses) are lint magnets. Lint, when mixed with lubricant, can actually gum up the action and prevent the handgun from working when needed. (I read a story about a jeweler who took a defensive handgun class using a full-sized pistol. After class, he asked to shoot a bit with a Walther PPK that he had carried in his jacket pocket while working. The gun was so dirty that it wouldn’t even fire the first shot.)

There are many pocket holsters available to ft almost any pistol that you might carry in a pocket. Although I’m not a big fan of so-called “off body carry” (e.g., in a purse, briefcase, messenger bag), there are bags that were made to hold a pistol in a holster which would be available without rummaging. Additionally, there are nylon holsters available that can be attached to a bag that you already own. (I did this with a waist pack back in the day. The ones made for a pistol seemed bigger than a backpack, so I found a regular one and sewed a nylon holster inside. A perfect disguise.)

It is always recommended to remove the holster from your pants or jacket pocket, place the pistol in the holster, and then return the “package” to your pocket. Attempting to holster the pistol while the holster is already in your pocket  can result in a painful (and embarrassing) negligent discharge.

So, let me know what you think of my maiden column. If you have a subject or particular firearm that you would like covered, let me know. Thanks for reading!

Seeking Justice

Ademo has fought for justice for many people over the years.  I wish him well in his effort on this day.



So I’m free for now….. looks like I’ll be representing myself at trial next week.

I refused the states offer to drop one Felony 3 and plea guilty to the other. Then sentencing me to 36 months in prison, suspending that for 6 months in county and three years (or more) of probation.

I am going to go live tonight here on Facebook to share my thoughts and backstory.

My only hope is that a compassionate jury or juror sets me free.

More to come.

January Meetings

our meeting placeJanuary 20 is our monthly meeting.  As always, if you’re looking for all things liberty related in New Hampshire check out this calendar.

Speaking of the NH Liberty calendar, there is an event scheduled for Sunday the 14th in Lincoln at the Woodstock Inn Brewery. Maybe we’ll have a heat wave rolling through by then. NH Liberty Calendar

I’m growing tired of Facebook, and some of you never got hooked on it (Congratulations!). It looks like you’d have to go to FB to RSVP to the event. I’ll tell you what, for those that are interested in going, leave a comment here by January 7th at 9:00 p.m. and I’ll go to FB and include you as a guest of mine.

If you are adding events to the NH Liberty calendar, please consider adding contact information that does not require FB. And if you want something posted here, email mike@lakesregionporcupines.com